Woody Lover Luxe Candles


Check out our woody lover trio. It includes 3 12 oz candles ( Cedar + Sandalwood, Mahogany Woods,Suave)

Cedar + Sandalwood 12 oz Candle
Earthy and strong woody base, this candle is the perfect combination of cedar and musky sandalwood with soft notes of warm nutmeg and amber.
  • Top Notes:
    • Cedar
  • Middle Notes:
    •  Sweet Oranges
  • Bottom Note:

Mahogany Woods 12 oz Candle 

The comfort of warm and sexy tobacco with hints of sweet spices of cinnamon, clove as well as vanilla and amber.

  • Top notes
    • Nutmeg, Leather.
  • Middle notes
    • patchouli,tobacco leaf
  • Base note
    • Vanilla, Leather, Amber


Suave 12 oz Candle

An expert opening of delicious bergamot and tangy grapefruit with a spicy heart of cinnamon and an elegant amber notes leading to a fantastic woody finish.

  • Top Note
    • Bergamot, Cinnamon
  • Middle Note
    • Cloves
  • Bottom Note
    • Amber, Musk


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