Luxe Trio Travel Size Candles


Enjoy our Luxe trio candle in travel size with 1 cedar + sandalwood travel size candle, 1 peony + rose travel size candle, 1 luxe clean travel size candle


Cedar + Sandalwood
Earthy and strong woody base, this candle is the perfect combination of cedar and musky sandalwood with soft notes of warm nutmeg and amber.
  • Top Notes:
    • Cedar
  • Middle Notes:
    • Sweet Oranges
  • Bottom Note:
    • Sandalwood

Peony + Rose

Essence of sexy. This candle recalls the scent of sexy sweet apples, fresh roses, peonies and jasmine.  This candle subtly transforms your  space to a luxurious and  voluptuous bloom.

  • Top Note
    • Green apples
  • Middle Note
    • Jasmine, Rose, Peonies
  • Bottom Note
    • Musk

 Luxe Clean

This candle is a luxurious, soft and sultry linen with subtle sweet notes of blended herbal tea and undertones of sandalwood and pine needles. A very fresh scent that will remind you of fresh laundry. Allow your senses to be overwhelmed with this beautiful fragrance.

  • Top Note
    • Herbal Tea
  • Middle Note
    • Mint
  • Bottom Note
    • Sandalwood
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